Writing Routine

Sorry for the delayed posting, I’ve been so busy at work and home. I cannot even catch a break sometimes. I will give you some updates and then I will discuss about writing.

Family Updates

My dad keeps getting injured at his job lately. Sometimes I think he is lies to me when I ask him how his day was, and usually I get a half smile and he says ‘everything is ok, just had to get things fixed.’ The other day, I can tell when my dad is stressed out or just had it, I called him during my lunch break and I can tell by his voice that he has had it. He told me that, everyone keeps calling him and by the time he gets started on something, something else comes up or some tenants are complaining about something ect. There are other days when everything is going pretty ok for him, when nobody calls him. I know I should be happy that at least he has a job, but I know he is not happy at all. I don’t really want to get into this, but I blame myself sometimes.

My brother finally moved into this apartment. I’m so happy only because I feel like i have more space in my home. I don’t feel all stressed out and angry. I actually look forward to going home after work. My parents feel better, like the whole apartment feels so much differently now that brother moved out. I love my brother, but I just need my space. He found a partner, which I’m soo happy for him.

My mom is going strong with her health and jobs. She works everyday as a housekeeper and she loves all of her jobs.

Writing Routine (the meat of the blog)

Writing my blogs daily (or at least I try to) has really helped me to get over the fear of writing. I’m sure some of you have felt that way before. When you see a blank sheet in front of you and that black little stick is blinking. To be honest, I still have some fears but slowly, I’ve been shedding that fear away by just constantly writing.

For the past two weeks, my boss asked me to put together an article for our journal. For of all, this is a great opportunity, only because this is my first time writing an article for a real journal. So, for the past two weeks, I’ve been writing like a maniac, the article is also a part of my dissertation edits. In a way, this works out well because I’m writing a part of my dissertation.

My writing routine includes the following:

1. before I even start on anything, I pray (I know this sounds cheesy, but I really do)

2. quickly check my emails (I try to not spend too much time on this)

3. I shut my office door 

4. Stretch for a bit to get the juices flowing 

5. I make sure I have my water bottle filled, sometimes I have an extra water bottle, or if I’m in a mood for some coffee, I will have my coffee ready

6. I open my document and re-read the whole article before typing (this really helps because I make sure I know everything from left to right)

7. Then I begin to write and don’t stop until I need I break* 

*Make sure you take QUICK breaks whenever you write. My breaks include taking a short walk around the office hallways, bathroom break, or start stretching 

I will try to post a blog tomorrow.